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What Are You Working On?

By December 29, 2018October 8th, 2020Art, Uncategorized

As an artist, I’ve wanted to love this question. I appreciate what it says about the asker, that they care and value art making as “work”. I appreciate being offered the opportunity to be on a soap box about what matters most to me. It’s sweet.

I just wish that answering it wasn’t so hard. If I’m honest, I say, “I’m working on working on something, I just don’t know what yet”. I’d say, “I’m working on the same piece in the meantime, layer after layer of ‘not good enough”. Or “I’m just working on what comes easily to me, rendering, and that I find it to be nothing worth talking about. It’s not really what I’m about”.

But what if I were to show you what I’m working on? Would that shed light on the dark corners of my insecurities about not being ready? Like headlights on my half naked body while struggling with a pant leg, making me come to terms with myself in all of my imperfect glory. 

And here I am!

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