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Portrait Painting Commissions

Portraits Are My Passion

I love the subtle ways that light filters across a face. Illuminated by the full spectrum, a smile hints, cheeks blush and eyes tease at revealing the story of what blazes from within.

An oil portrait sheds light on a person’s being, like nothing else.  Everyone, beautiful and mysterious in their own unique way, has a moment like this, waiting to be captured.

If immortalizing your friend, mentor, family member or self is something you’ve ever considered, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk about making your oil portrait a reality »

“Cool rays glint off of golden locks and glossy lips atop warm skin, fully illuminated. As the face rounds away from the source, skin shows its true color and then dips into almost, but not quite, gray, just before falling into shadow. Past the horizon, some features do manage to tuck themselves into darkness, but most are found again as the light bounces back, bringing with it the color of the space.”

Let’s Talk About Your Portrait Project!

If you’re considering a commissioned portrait. I’d love to hear from you. We can talk about what we can make a reality based on your heart’s desire and of course your budget. Feel free to use the following contact form to get the conversation started or give me a call directly! I look forward to hearing from you.