my story

The first inclination that I might want to be an artist came at the age of 5, when my abilities earned me praise. Art was my favorite subject all through school. At the age of 15 I got my first sketchbook, where alone in my bedroom I played out my fantasies and frustrations on paper.

My pursuit of a career in the arts started by acquiring a BFA in the mid-nineties. During my studies, sketches, drawings, paintings and linoleum cuts were done with a fast and furious hunger to create. After graduation, without deadlines or critiques, my work lost a sense of purpose. My work slowed, as I asked myself, “is this idea worthwhile?”.  This question of worth tainted my free expression and playful approach. Practicality, fear and disconnection from myself were all obstacles of varying scale.

Since 1996 I’ve been self-employed as a graphic designer creating identity brand systems, print promotional materials, websites and more.

Over the years, I’ve remodeled a house, given myself over to multiple community and Burning Man related projects, grown gardens and hosted events. Although the creative spirit has leaked its way into most every aspect of my world, without my personal fine artwork there was always yearning for a day that I would fill the void left by the absence of drawing and painting.

I’ve recently become recommitted to being a student of art, picking up where I left off, with the wisdom of my adult self. Through self-guided study, practice and the willingness to act outside of my comfort zone, Art has given me a new sense of life’s meaning.

As I practice patience and gain momentum in manifesting my dreams, I’m sharing old works that never made it past a turned page, a critique day, or a print proof, as well as new works that I’ve released my attachment to perfecting, so that I can make more.

Denise Dambrackas

I hope that you enjoy this website.
It’s real, it’s raw, it’s me.

Nothing tells the story like

a Lifetime of Sketchbooks