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my story

I’m a fine art oil painter living and working in Denver, Colorado who combines contemporary realism and graphic design, in the creation of paintings with an underlying message.

I received a BFA from Florida State University in 1995, after transferring from Maryland Institute College of Art, one year prior, and Miami Dade Community College before that. I dabbled in print-making but focused on oil painting. A series of large portraits constituted my final graduation show in December 1995.

Over the years my creative outlets have varied. I had a long career in graphic design and was engaged in building interactive art for events, as a hobby. More recently, my attention has come back around to focus on fine art. Through studying with artists Tony Ryder, Daniel Sprick, Zoey Frank, Kevin Weckbach and Michelle Tully through ateliers and workshops both online and in person,  I’ve learned that there’s no limit to the depths of learning in the areas of my passion.

In my personal work, I dabble in all subject matters, but I continue to return to the figure. I’m engaged in portrait commissions, painting in the life room, as well as building a series of oil portraits that tells a story. I’ve recently added public art to my repertoire.

I’ve been working on a series of paintings called, “Future Feminine” that is driven by a desire to inspire young women, by giving them imagery to see themselves and one another embracing who they are without the fabricated limitations of gender stereotypes. Through this work, I’m hoping to help all women, including myself discover greater empowerment and belonging.

I am not currently represented by any galleries, online or otherwise. I’m entertaining many possibilities for what’s next, as I continue to paint and grow.

Denise Dambrackas
Artist | Creator | Teacher