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Rainbows and Mud

By May 24, 2015October 8th, 2020Uncategorized

2015-05-23 19.24.16Yesterday, I got a bit stuck in the mud. I put sticks and cardboard under my rear wheels like some kind of a vanagon owning witch. No go. Help was promised and after waiting 2 hours, it didn’t come. By this time, all of the other 4WD trucks in the lot were gone. I got anxious. I decided that I might go backwards a bit and see if I could get any better traction. But that’s not the best idea, on hill and in a thunderhailstorm. In a worse way now, I decide it’s time to call for serious help. The tow truck was a 3 hour wait. I drank a beer for lunch, did a drawing of a tree and then saw a friend loading his car. I jump out to say hi. He and this other guy decide that they could push me to safety! It all happened so fast. I really didn’t want to go deeper into this marsh, but they were right, it was the shortest way to the road. This is where I knew better. The embankment was not passable. Now I’m deep in it. The tow truck arrives and tells me that he can’t help me. I hike back up to the house to charge my dead phone and figure out what’s next. One of the guests wakes up and says that he can help me, once the truck is done moving sound equipment. I help. I’m adamant that we need to either push my van back, or get a really long tow strap, because the ground is not stable enough to tow me from close range. Guys and their trucks!!!! So, what’s next? Their truck gets stuck. We call another tow company with 4WD. We think it’s over. 4 hours later, a third tow truck has to come and rescue the tow truck. I don’t even want to talk about the bill. I had a very bonding day with my new van. I even slept in her last night in my driveway. Canceled plans to go to the hot springs. Canceled plans to go rafting. Good thing that I’m one of those people that make the best of everything. So many lessons. Time to work in the garden!

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