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Mishaps, perhaps!

By December 3, 2015October 8th, 2020Uncategorized

I have had what seems like a wild series of misfortunes in the last day and a half. I sort of love stringing these events together in my head, ready for the first chance I have to tell the story of everything that went WRONG. I have an impulse to tell the story to everyone and anyone. Why? To entertain them and to share… ok, to complain. And I do. I tell it in a way that it seems unreal. Storytelling gets me fired up, so in a sense, misfortune gets me fired up. And the craziness just keeps coming. And the story gets better and better.

In the midst of it all, there is also a noticing. I notice the kindness of strangers. I’m thankful for the privileged life I lead, money that shoots out of the ATM, my self employment that these mishaps have little impact on, my independence and lack of dependents and so much more. I notice the pleasantness of the moment. After all, when do I get to sit in the sun, interact with strangers, walk on East Colfax, take the light rail from Golden?

New neuropathways fire and form, creating that sense of novelty and adventure and causing a joyous break in the routine that is a regular day for me. Normally, I’m alone, sitting in the same room, day in and day out, staring at a computer screen, impulsively checking my Facebook feed for a little burst of dopamine.

I’m going to tell you what happened, but instead of complaining and instead of telling you only the good parts of what happened, I’m going to tell you the whole story, in short.

This is how I’ve been getting my jollies since Tuesday night:

Tuesday Night
Flat tire. OK, call a friend for a ride.
Friend has a gig at Larimer Lounge. OK, drive the van on ice to the birthday party!
Drive to 627 S. Broadway for Anja’s Birthday… right address, wrong city. OK go eat alone and do a drawing of the bar from the corner on a receipt and leave it with the tip.
All dressed up and no place to go. OK, spontaneously see Brett Harrison (who buys me a beer) play with “Alright Alright” at Larimer Lounge!

Wednesday morning
Take the tire to Big-O. Tire irreparable. OK, put the donut on the Golf and take it in for new tires!
The wait is really long. OK, walk a mile to Crossfit Parkhill and get an awesome workout!
Get back to find out that they won’t sell me 2 snow tires. OK, throw a small fit!
Call other stores who confirm that insurance companies have forced them to stop putting only two snow tires on cars. OK Drive to my long awaited car repair appointment in Golden on the donut!
… and get picked up by my friend Beth Heller, taken out for Pho and given a warm bed. Awwwwa!

Thursday morning
Beth’s car won’t start to give me a ride to the light rail. OK, walk to King Soopers to get cash for my ride, and have coffee from Starfucks!
Barista recommends Call-a-Ride instead of the bus. I call them and wait. OK, sit in the glorious sun and practice a lovely Buddhist meditation!
45 minutes later and Call-A-Ride hasn’t called me back. OK, call again!
The call back happens and the guy says walk across the street and take the bus. Fine… Beth calls and says my car is working now. OK!
Arrive at Lightrail via Beth and the train is there, but I don’t have a ticket yet. Sweet! Learning curve with time crunch!
Seat myself on comfy train and begin texting to plan a ride home from Five Points when the battery on my phone dies. OK, whip out the computer and write this lovely story about how mishaps = adventure, learning and joy!

Posted while seated in Union station while charging my phone, on the last leg of computer battery, because I brought the wrong computer charger. Maybe I’ll do a drawing while I wait.

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